Paid Search (SEM/PPC)

Worldwide domination of search results requires a coordination between purchasing and content optimization of web pages, web content (pdfs), external web content (google+ company descriptions), paid search ads, PR/news, shopping products, video uploads, and all other web media that search engines include in search results at any given moment. 

In the B2B space, paid search allows you to dominate your brand, the category you want to ‘own’ and the product space. This is critical if your keyword strategy is to succeed. Work with to discover more about why you should be doing paid search even if you are highly visible in organic search. 

Our Approach to Paid Search

1474906_hands_paidsearchimageWe find that a hands-on approach (I.e, limited automation) to paid search is the best way to achieve the best results for our clients.  Focussing primarily on B2B, we work as part of our clients’ marketing team to set up and continually optimize programs  that balance lead quality and lead quantity within agreed upon goals.  

Constantly Testing New Platforms

While Google (search) still dominates paid search for B2B, we continually test and optimize all platforms to find the best paid search mix for our clients.  In addition to finding success on traditional networks such as Google search/display and Yahoo/Bing, we are seeing growth and opportunity in B2B across the newer platforms such as Google Retargeting and LinkedIn Ads.  

Services in this area include:

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  • Defining paid search options – paid search, contextual, retargeting
  • Developing keyword list
  • Working with your team outside of the US to ensure correct messaging for each country
  • Translation of languages, dialects, cultures, and linguistics for ad creatives and website content
  • Bid optimization
  • Daily supervision
  • A/B/C testing of creatives and landing pages
  • Managing contracts and budgets with the media vendors – Google, Bing, LinkedIn, et. al.
  • Weekly Reporting