Barbara spent most of this year accepting requests to speak at various events around the country including SES NYC, Ad-Tech Impact, Los Angeles, IIMA Vancouver, BC, Ad-Tech Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Ad-Tech, San Francisco, CA, Ad-Tech New York, SES Chicago, and WebGuild Silicon Valley.

WebMama.com expanded its services to providing not only SEO and Paid Search Marketing buthp-blue-brand conversion projects including landing page creation and testing. The company continued to be Hewlett-Packards search marketing agency of choice for worldwide SEO and Paid Search activities.

New clients this year include Saint-Gobain, Loopnet, e-lance, and e-rugs.

Client spending in search marketing through WebMama.com increased by 400%, due to our proven success in the search marketing field.

WebMama.com achieved over $1.5M in net income.