Search Visibility

The WebMama Methodology was successful in generating traffic, which resulted in sales or lead generation, for products and services regardless of the business or products. Briefly, we put into practice the following:

1. You need to be visible where your audience is searching.

You need to visible whether they are searching for information directly from you the product owner, or from a third party, or within their social media environment. Gone are the days when high visibility could be achieved with optimization of a static web site.Webmama Search Visibility

We have the building blocks of solid, high-return search visibility programs, wherever you are in your current digital marketing programs. It’s a comprehensive list, that includes an analysis of the keywords that people consider to be your industry’s words; identifying your search competitors; evaluating the paid search that will most effectively complement your other marketing programs; providing the education that your team wants or requires; comparing and assessing your content optimization options. Across all the possible elements of your search visibility programs, we can help you map out and execute the ones that deliver the most value to you. Our methodology and building blocks include everything you need to get to a new and higher level of visibility.


2. It Can’t Be All About Demand Generation

With a sole focus on demand generation, parts of the search industry have backed themselves into a corner. Tracking keyword rankings, checking ROI from each keyword click-through, and other highly granular metrics – they’re all great, but only for relevant content that you control and can measure. But just as important is visibility in a broad range of other content, including visibility in relevant keywords in highly visible search engines — such as search in Twitter, to take just one use case that shows how visibility is more than your direct demand generation efforts.

3. Keywords at the Core

When the goal is search visibility, then distributed optimized content is queen – with keyword discovery at its core. Distributed content means long form, medium form, and short form content, spread across a myriad of sites – for example, CrunchBase, LinkedIn, SlideShare – with relevant keywords that match your strategy.’s focus is on widely scattered distribution with relevant messaging. This focus guides our work to the goal of getting your audience to connect your company to those keywords, regardless of whether they clink on a link or fill out a form.

4. The “Everything” World of Search

Webmama Mission

At, we focus on corporate website search results as one part of a larger picture –


a critical part, but only one part of content optimization because search visibility today is comprised of all forms of media, from all digital sources: pdfs, videos, images, blogs, Google+ status reports, news reports, and, of course, paid advertising. Our analysis includes all of those results, from all content sources, along with those of other web venues where your audience can find relevant content.

5. The Move From Narrow SEO to the Broad Practice of Search Visibility

Today, the few remaining valuable elements of SEO — such as well-crafted title tags and simple but keyword-rich file names — are part of a larger set of tools that also include internal linking methodology and tailored content for status updates across multiple media. This “new SEO” or better yet “content optimization” provides some of the key building blocks in the methodology for defining a comprehensive approach to be visible wherever your audience is searching.