carYou can tell things have changed when it is 2012 and I am backtracking to write the 2008 part of the WebMama.com timeline.

2008 was a banner year for the company; $4 million in consulting income by executing highly successful paid and organic search marketing programs for Vonage, HP, Guthy-Renker and VMware.

I do think this quote from SES San Jose 2008 – Barbara “Webmama” Coll equates reciprocal linking requests with “email spam and harassment.” She’s more neutral on reciprocal linking than Robert. Barbara believes all links on sites not relevant to content on either site are useless and should be be ignored. That’s what Chris calls more neutral!

This was the year of my first eMetrics conference with Jim Sterne. I spoke here not as much to generate leads for the company but to learn from the attendees. Analytics are fascinating.