There are many ways to represent the history of the company and of the founder. The company history and that of The WebMama are intertwined since Barbara Coll decided to name the company after herself.

Follow the links for each year (I suggest starting with 1994) and you get a snapshot in time of the company.

Speaking Gigs

Speaking at conferences is arguably the key initial reason for the success of WebMama.com, specifically two conferences: Search Engine Strategies and Thunder Lizard Design where Barbara attended in 1999 and started speaking at in 2000: Search Engine Strategies Dallas November 2000 and Web Marketing World – Thunder Lizard Designs Halloween October 30 2000 New Orleans.

Take a look at the presentations Barbara gave at conferences. For example, this one at a favorite eMetrics conference or one captured on October 2009.

First one captured on Slideshare: Fresh User Content October 2009