vmwareA plethora of new, exciting clients and new, fabulous projects with solid clients have kept the team hopping this year. Thank you to VMware for trusting WebMama.com for the last 6 years as your Search Marketing advisors and consultants. Also to Bill.com and client contacts who moved from one company to another and took us with you (you know who you are!). New clients included Equinix, LiveOps, HyTrust, Syncplicity.

Probably the most important thing that happened this year was that my son went to college. What does that have to do with WebMama.com? Lots. Lots more time and a different perspective. And time to ramp the company back up again.

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Wikipedia-logoHow to stay highly visible in search results – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbara_Coll.  And it isn’t about the links, it is about the domination of the results. Oh, and it isn’t about the traffic either.

This year Mohr Davidow Ventures put me in front of the CEOs of its funded companies and they heard that Keyword Discovery leads to search visibility but along the way informs business strategy. Yup, true! I worked with Navigenics, Proofpoint, Panasas, RocketFuel and Hotchalk. Other clients in 2011 were TiVo (whose service I use at home for basketball I admit), Atlassian, and Melbourne IT.

I moved out of the WebMama.com worldwide headquarters this year back into the birthplace of WebMama.com. The virtual company model of bringing in the right people at the right time for the client works. Honesty with clients plays a big role in being successful with this model.

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Linked In GroupsWes Blemker continues to play a critical role in the company as he manages highly tuned paid search campaigns for B2B clients joining the WebMama client list. Even with the smaller company we have Cloudshare, Truste, Bluecat Networks, Recurve, RallyOn and Bill.com join our client list.

The LinkedIn WebMama private group, established the minute LinkedIn groups were open for business, is doing its job of keeping clients, ex-clients, company friends and colleagues informed of major industry changes and WebMama happens. The WebMama blog postings slow down in favour of private thoughts to this group.

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BtoB LogoAlways forward thinking, Barbara Coll was giving talks on “Search Is Going Real-Time: Will SEO Matter Anymore?” anticipating a future of personalized, multi-media search results. She was named to B2B Magazine’s Who’s Who list this year. Barbara was also honored by Invesp in the Top 100 (#19) influential marketers of 2009. 

While still honored to be SEO advisor to a growing and public VMware and a acquisition savvy and search marketing sophisticated Verisign we completed our 10 year run as HP’s agency of record for search marketing.

WebMama.com took the recession as an excuse this year and downsized significantly. Even with this decision new clients come through the doors seeking the search marketing expertise of the company including the Damon Runyon Cancer Research.

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carYou can tell things have changed when it is 2012 and I am backtracking to write the 2008 part of the WebMama.com timeline.

2008 was a banner year for the company; $4 million in consulting income by executing highly successful paid and organic search marketing programs for Vonage, HP, Guthy-Renker and VMware.

I do think this quote from SES San Jose 2008 – Barbara “Webmama” Coll equates reciprocal linking requests with “email spam and harassment.” She’s more neutral on reciprocal linking than Robert. Barbara believes all links on sites not relevant to content on either site are useless and should be be ignored. That’s what Chris calls more neutral!

This was the year of my first eMetrics conference with Jim Sterne. I spoke here not as much to generate leads for the company but to learn from the attendees. Analytics are fascinating.

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Barbara began the New Year educating professional women on being successful in starting new companies, running businesses or moving up the corporate ladder at the Invent Your Future conference.

ses-latino-2007This was the first year of SES Latino; a conference that Barbara Coll and Lucas Morea fought for. It was time to recognize that the latino market was ready for buying online (or were we ahead of the curve and industry on this one?).

WebMama.com was ranked 7th in the list of Search Engine Optimization firms by Top SEO’s for February.

Barbara has become an advisor to numerous financial analysts and fund owners.

WebMama.com is the SEO Agency of choice for VMware, Hewlett-Packard, Verisign and Webex and has a 12 member team dedicated to providing the most up-to-date information on search engine marketing. Salesforce and Genuis both used WebMama.com for search marketing this year as well. 

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Barbara spent most of this year accepting requests to speak at various events around the country including SES NYC, Ad-Tech Impact, Los Angeles, IIMA Vancouver, BC, Ad-Tech Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Ad-Tech, San Francisco, CA, Ad-Tech New York, SES Chicago, and WebGuild Silicon Valley.

hp-blue-brandWebMama.com expanded its services to providing not only SEO and Paid Search Marketing but conversion projects including landing page creation and testing. The company continued to be Hewlett-Packards search marketing agency of choice for worldwide SEO and Paid Search activities. 

New clients this year include Saint-Gobain, Loopnet, e-lance, and e-rugs.

Client spending in search marketing through WebMama.com increased by 400%, due to our proven success in the search marketing field.

WebMama.com achieved over $1.5M in net income.

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webmama fast100Barbara contributed to the expansion of the industry as an advisor for MSN and their new paid search product.

Kevin Lee and Dana Todd filled Barbara’s shoes at SEMPO, leaving her more time to focus on speaking engagements, something she is in high demand for. Barbara remained involved as co-chair of the Sponsorship/Development committee and a Board member.

WebMama.com was named 27th Largest Women-Owned Business and ranked 4th in the Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies in San Francisco Bay Area.

Barbara continued with speaking engagements, Ad-Tech New York, Kelsey Group Local Search Conference, Search Engine Strategies Chicago and was approached to be the Keynote Speaker at the Yellow Pages Associations conference.

Consulting clients included: Verisign and the Wedding Channel.

WebMama.com introduced new offerings by media providers to include contextual advertising and targeted banners.

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SEMPO, in one year and one month has 215 members including some of the largest SEM firms in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, and major industry sponsors.

Barbara continued as a regular speaking at SEO and SEM seminars and conferences and joined Ad-Tech.

CNET joined WebMama.com’s growing list of clients.

WebMama.com revenue jumped nearly 600 percent in two years from $557,000 in 2002 to $3.7 million in 2004.

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sempoBarbara forms the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization (SEMPO) to bring together all the parties involved in search engine marketing, giving them a trade association for further growth and education.

The WebMama.com Web Seminar Series begins this year, giving you the chance to learn the secrets to practical search optimization strategies and low-cost Web marketing tactics from the comfort of your own home/office.

New clients include PlanetOut Partners, BetterManagement.com, NetFlix, salesforce.com, and Intuit; including quicken.com and Quick Books.

Barbara began a blog about SEO and SEM to keep those who are interested up-to-date.

Barbara begins her participation in the Latino focused discussion panels at SES conferences.

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ses-confNew WebMama.com clients include SDG, Comergent, Hammacher Schlemmer, HomeGain, Clockware, DevX, CatchWord, OpenAir and Inman Real Estate.

Barbara increased her speaking schedule this year, and spoke at: Bay Area Search Engine Marketing Conference, Search Engine Strategies Boston, Internet Marketing Conference Vancouver, Search Engine Strategies Santa Clara, and Search Engine Strategies Dallas.

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palo alto officesWebMama.com moved into its world headquarters in Palo Alto, California.

New clients for the New Year include the third biggest home mortgage supplier in the US, Charterone Mortgage with their new online application site CharterOne Direct as well as Western Multiplex, a player in the wireless equipment business.

More clients include Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Quicken Loans (a division of Intuit), Gloss.com (an Estee Lauder ecommerce site), and WebEx as they see the value of low-cost Internet marketing projects.

Of course, WebMama.com has been preaching that approach for over 5 years now.

Barbara took on more speaking engagements and quickly gained fame as a pioneer of search engine marketing. She joined Search Engine Strategies as a regular speaker, and was heard at events from Monterey California to Amsterdam Netherlands. Barbara’s began focusing her talks on search friendly architecture and business-to-business SEM.

Business doubled in gross sales compared to the same period last year.

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GoogleWebMama.com offered one day core knowledge dump events; seminars for companies that wanted to learn about search engine positioning.

WebMama.com ran maintenance contracts for clients wanting to keep their positions in the search engines current and accurate.

WebMama.com worked on search engine visibility, traffic analysis, and website strategy for Netcentives and driving traffic (through goto.com) to accompany.com.

Clients include Salon.com, Portera Systems, WhiteLight Systems, and Everypath.

Barbara started working with Google to help define their new paid advertising product. Her significant experience was brought to bear when Google was looking to develop advertising models.

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thunder lizard productionsOptimal Networks brought in WebMama.com as their Phase I website producer. WebMama.com continued working with Netscape, driving traffic to specific channels of Netcenter.

Landel Telecom, WineShopper.com, and SchoolPop.com turned to WebMama.com to help launch their business on the Web. Optimal Networks secured more WebMama.com time as did Marcia Kadanoff for her new company iq.com.

WebMama.com branched into the seminar business; sponsoring a series of networking seminars aimed at the non-engineering professional. The seminars were being presented by Training Institute.

wineshopperUsing the years of start-up Internet and networking experience, WebMama.com began advising early stage companies (before funding) on website strategy, specifications, and complexities. These companies included PropertyCapital and ArthritisWell.

Barbara “WebMama” Coll becomes a regular speaker at the Thunder Lizard Conferences on Web marketing.

After being spotted at a Web Design Thunder Lizard Conference, Barbara Coll is brought in by Hewlett Packard to help them drive traffic to their Small Business Site. Barbara encouraged them to try paid search advertising through GOTO.com which later became Overture, Yahoo! Search Marketing, they were one of the first. (WebMama.com managed Paid Search for HP, introducing Google to them during Adwords Beta for six years).

Once Hewlett-Packard decided various divisions of the company must do their own traffic generation, both the Business Center and the Printer Supplies Group turned to WebMama.com.

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WebMama.com expanded into development and management of User Interface design for Web-based products for Praxon, Inc. while continuing to remain responsible for Praxon’s corporate site.

cdm_logoStrategic stints with Manage.Com and Infoscape helped these companies plan and execute solid Web-based marketing programs. We continued working with NetScape on analytics and SEO projects (2013 Editors Note: not sure it was called SEO yet.)

Barbara accepted a volunteer Board position as website advisor for the Children’s Discovery Museum.

WebMama.com, with four part-time associates was officially incorporated as WebMama.com Incorporated.

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Netscape_classic_logoBarbara successfully completed consulting projects with companies across North America.

Work for these clients included stints as the client-side external website producer for Netscape Communications and intranet reviewer for the Defense Information Network for the Department of National Defense of Canada.

Additionally, Barbara led a team of graphics designers and programmers to produce the next generation website for C*ATS Software Inc.

Barbara continued working with Wayfarer Communications and Flycast, at the same time maintaining her voluntary position with Forum for Women Entrepreneurs.

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webmama-oldlogoBarbara started helping companies analyze their website traffic and looking into opportunities on how best to increase it.

WebMama.com Inc. was founded by Barbara in August 1996.

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ipsilonBarbara was brought in as the marketing manager for Ipsilon Networks where she and her team cobbled together a website that included video, animated graphics, sound, and IRC (chat); a milestone for the time. Here the nick name and domain name – webmama – came to be. A perfect mix of her life: being a mom and working on the web.

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unix is coolBarbara C. Coll was Product Line Manager at Qualix Group where she launched a catalog website for the UNIX-based product line.

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