WebMama.com offered one day core knowledge dump events; seminars for companies that wanted to learn about search engine positioning and gave all her knowledge away! It worked because the large companies understood that they needed to hire the WebMama to figure out the strategy for them and do the work once they saw how much was involved.

White Paper: Original WebMama SEO Tactics White Paper – 2001

WebMama.com ran maintenance contracts for clients wanting to keep their positions in the search engines current and accurate.

WebMama.com worked on search engine visibility, traffic analysis, and website strategy for Netcentives and driving traffic (through goto.com) to accompany.com.

Clients include Salon.com, Portera Systems, WhiteLight Systems, and Everypath.Writing Update: Salon, Digg, BlogHer | Angela Tung

Barbara started working with Google to help define their new paid advertising product. Her significant experience was brought to bear when Google was looking to develop advertising models.