Client: The Netscape Story

In the Fall of 1997, Netscape hired bcoll & associates ( was not yet incorporated) to help optimize Netcenter and teach the organization how to increase traffic to the website. Netscape was the first major client for the company.

First Payment from Netscape for end of 1997 consulting

After spending more than a year consulting with Netscape specifically focused on increasing traffic to NetCenter – Netscape’s web properties – Barbara presented to the company a summary of all the tactics that she employed to increase the company’s traffic.

Title Page – Presentation to Netscape Corporation by Barbara Coll, January 1999
First page of summary of work done in late 97/98 to help optimize NetCenter for increasing traffic

And Wikipedia points out that NetCenter drew some of the highest traffic worldwide and that may be why AOL wanted to purchase Netscape in late 1998 and did so in 1999. Netscape, AOL, and iPlanet were all clients of Inc.

“On November 24,1998, America Online (AOL) announced it would acquire Netscape Communications. The acquisition was seen as a way for AOL to gain a bargaining chip against Microsoft, to let it become less dependent on the Internet Explorer web browser. Others believed that AOL was interested in NetCenter, or Netscape’s web properties, which drew some of the highest traffic worldwide. Eventually, Netscape’s server products and its Professional Services group became part of iPlanet, a joint marketing and development alliance between AOL and Sun Microsystems.”

Wikipedia Netscape page