… personalization leads to reliance on one’s own data

  • Factors Effecting Rankings
  • Logged in status
  • Personal search history (logged in or not)
  • Domain of origin
  • Server location
  • Previous click history (paid or organic)
  • Social signals

Do rankings matter? Well your CEO probably thinks so! (We find that C-level management obsesses about rankings.) But obsession with rankings can be dangerous. Reliance on a single snapshot in time, from one source, leads to misinformation. Major factors effect what one sees on their computer so the WebMama.com methodology relies more on spreading the word than measurement. This puts us at odds with most ‘SEO’ companies in the industry – it sets us apart. With a methodology that focuses on keywords – keyword discovery and keyword usage in all web communication and content – we look at the trends and achieve the ultimate result of growing our client’s businesses through web marketing.

It is also important to recognize that search itself is evolving. Any methodology based on ranking high in organic search results is bucking against the trend. Organic is being pushed further and further down the page in favour of more targeted results that send you deeper into the search engine’s world or to pages that have retargeted ads. Check out these examples of Google being helpful – and at the same time organic disappearing below the fold.