The Building Blocks of Our Search Visibility Strategy

Keywords are the building blocks of your search strategy. They allow us to understand how you are being found by your customers and prospects. We don’t want you to miss any potential prospect because you missed catching their eye when they were looking for you.

A Balancing Act Between Legacy Words and Those Fun Trendy Words

At we are practical. We know that companies are leading edge creators of new industries, but we also know that success comes in replacing out-of-date products – the legacy world. Keywords come from all places and searchers are looking for solutions from all places. It is a balancing act as to which keywords become the tight set used for optimization.

Using the Keywords In All Distributed Web Materials

Using the right keywords in all distributed web content is a key part of the methodology – an essential part of the overall plan. Every engagement has a foundation in Keyword Discovery to define the short list of search terms, and to tailor that list to the specific high-visibility objectives that we help you define.