… metrics and benchmarking in an unclean universe

  • Key Metrics
  • Unique Visitors
  • % of Visits
  • Page Views
  • Time on site
  • Which landing pages
  • What keywords
  • What queries
  • How many impressions
  • How many clicks
  • Keyword Density

Every marketing program and project needs to have metrics whether they be highly analytical or just licking your finger in the air and testing which direction the wind is coming in.

So yes, we are metric driven here at At the same time, we recognize that being and staying visible in search contributes to your brand and its awareness, in a tangible way that can be hard to measure. So while we will set up benchmarks for you and measure the results we get against them, we also welcome the opportunity to work with you and your market research and marketing operations teams as they field research, and build attribution models, to attribute a specific market activity to sales in specific areas.