Content Optimization (The New SEO)

Our content optimization services include but go beyond the elements of old-style SEO that are still useful. Content Optimization is defined by as the distribution of content that uses, in a relevant way, your short keyword set that was determined during the process of Keyword Discovery. Relevant content is not a coupon or salesy material, not a hard sell. Unique, relevant, informative content is produced for each media channel – email, google+ status, white paper distribution, press releases – in order to be highly visible wherever someone is searching. That is the “search visibility” definition: you provide value to the reader. It can be a time-consuming process to create the content and distribute it, which is why so many companies say they consider content marketing their top priority, and a work in progress.

Strategies Used by US B2B Marketers in Their Marketing ProgramsEven before we help you reach the optimization of distributed content stage, we help you optimize the representation of your company on the important sites that are highly visible in search results: LinkedIn, Google+, and others. 

Work with our team and partners to develop content for your target customers then, we will give you a set of recommendations you need to follow to optimize it. This includes looking at the content for keyword density, making sure that links are positioned in the right place, including alt tags and title tags appropriately – classic SEO tactics. These technical aspects matter because Google, Baidu, Bing, and the other search engines that matter across the globe are machines not people. Hence they follow certain algorithmic rules when judging if your content is relevant for a particular search. Then we work on the external opportunities for placing the content and optimization in those areas.