Competitive Analysis

Our Competitive Analysis program will provide a comprehensive insight into your competitor’s search marketing strategy and tactics, and the success of those tactics.

Our thorough analysis will uncover whether your search competitor’s are:

  • optimizing their PR material;
  • using legacy keywords on their home page;
  • promoting their company through paid search marketing – and what keywords they are bidding on;
  • what optimization tactics they are using in their distribution content; and
  • whether they are astute enough to be optimizing all company pages outside of their website.

Search Competitors Are Different!

Competitors in search may be different than the competitors your sales team competes against. Apple may list Samsung as a competitor, but when you search for Apple products you get the ugly geek-oriented, crowded with keywords, highly optimized site shown in the diagram on the right. Search competitors may not sell the same products but they may bid on the same terms; optimize for the same keywords. For example, Solidcore is the name of a company in the computer security industry. Solid core is also a type of door that is secure as in “a safe and secure door”. Same keywords, completely different industry and thus completely different target customer but competition in search results none-the-less.

We Will Find Your Search Competitors and Their Search Keywords

This type of competitive analysis is useful both to determine your go-forward search visibility strategy, and also for insights into how your competition is acquiring its customers and prospects. We’ll study your competitors in the category with an eye towards uncovering relevant competitors you didn’t know you had.