Search Visibility Consulting Services

Search Visibility’s search visibility services are available for all sizes of companies ready for that “what’s next” moment in their web marketing – perhaps moving to worldwide sales, or making changes based on customer feedback, or stepping beyond a static website. Our experience includes a broad range of practical programs to increase search visibility, and to turn that visibility into prospects, contacts, leads, and sales. Our services include:

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Keyword Discovery

Keyword Discovery helps us understand how people are searching for your company, your products and services; your executives, your location, and your jobs openings. The keyword discovery process includes brainstorming with sales, marketing, and support personnel; evaluating PR, sales, training and other current company materials; analysis of competitor’s search visibility; and searching, searching, searching the web to inform us as to what words and phrases are being used to find your industry products and services. And then we start balancing. Using the WebMama methodology we balance between trendy, brand, category, and legacy words to find the critical short list of keywords and phrases.

The Legacy of Call Center But The New Category of Contact Center

Take an example of one of the several aspects of a keyword research and discovery process: if your product or service includes what your messaging calls a contact center but your customers and prospects are still using the legacy term call center, then both might make the short list that drives content optimization.

Choosing Which Keywords for the Short List

Keyword Selection Criteria

Keyword Selection Criteria

We use several key criteria to choose the key phrases that make the final list including relevancy to your company and the industry, product and solutions, volume of searches, and conversion. At one large multinational diversified technology company there were 20 key phrases that were critical – only 20.

Keyword Research Requires Listening Skills

Understanding and predicting human behavior is hard. Keyword Discovery is part detective work, part behavioral psychology, and part data mining exercise. Data mining is critical for about 60% of available search result data. However, increasingly about 40% of Google’s search results are coming back “not provided” – meaning that no referring keyword is being provided – keyword discovery via data mining alone is insufficient, and must be complemented by other sources including listening to the words that sales and support personnel use in their day to day world of talking to customers.

Competitive Analysis

Our Competitive Analysis program will provide a comprehensive insight into your competitor’s search marketing strategy and tactics, and the success of those tactics.

Our thorough analysis will uncover whether your search competitor’s are:

  • optimizing their PR material;
  • using legacy keywords on their home page;
  • promoting their company through paid search marketing – and what keywords they are bidding on;
  • what optimization tactics they are using in their distribution content; and
  • whether they are astute enough to be optimizing all company pages outside of their website.

Search Competitors Are Different!

Competitors in search may be different than the competitors your sales team competes against. Apple may list Samsung as a competitor, but when you search for Apple products you get the ugly geek-oriented, crowded with keywords, highly optimized site shown in the diagram on the right. Search competitors may not sell the same products but they may bid on the same terms; optimize for the same keywords. For example, Solidcore is the name of a company in the computer security industry. Solid core is also a type of door that is secure as in “a safe and secure door”. Same keywords, completely different industry and thus completely different target customer but competition in search results none-the-less.

We Will Find Your Search Competitors and Their Search Keywords

This type of competitive analysis is useful both to determine your go-forward search visibility strategy, and also for insights into how your competition is acquiring its customers and prospects. We’ll study your competitors in the category with an eye towards uncovering relevant competitors you didn’t know you had.

Paid Search (SEM/PPC)

Worldwide domination of search results requires a coordination between purchasing and content optimization of web pages, web content (pdfs), external web content (google+ company descriptions), paid search ads, PR/news, shopping products, video uploads, and all other web media that search engines include in search results at any given moment. 

In the B2B space, paid search allows you to dominate your brand, the category you want to ‘own’ and the product space. This is critical if your keyword strategy is to succeed. Work with to discover more about why you should be doing paid search even if you are highly visible in organic search. 

Our Approach to Paid Search

1474906_hands_paidsearchimageWe find that a hands-on approach (I.e, limited automation) to paid search is the best way to achieve the best results for our clients.  Focussing primarily on B2B, we work as part of our clients’ marketing team to set up and continually optimize programs  that balance lead quality and lead quantity within agreed upon goals.  

Constantly Testing New Platforms

While Google (search) still dominates paid search for B2B, we continually test and optimize all platforms to find the best paid search mix for our clients.  In addition to finding success on traditional networks such as Google search/display and Yahoo/Bing, we are seeing growth and opportunity in B2B across the newer platforms such as Google Retargeting and LinkedIn Ads.  

Services in this area include:

  • Defining paid search options – paid search, contextual, retargeting
  • Developing keyword list
  • Working with your team outside of the US to ensure correct messaging for each country
  • Translation of languages, dialects, cultures, and linguistics for ad creatives and website content
  • Bid optimization
  • Daily supervision
  • A/B/C testing of creatives and landing pages
  • Managing contracts and budgets with the media vendors – Google, Bing, LinkedIn, et. al.
  • Weekly Reporting

Content Optimization (The New SEO)

Our content optimization services include but go beyond the elements of old-style SEO that are still useful. Content Optimization is defined by as the distribution of content that uses, in a relevant way, your short keyword set that was determined during the process of Keyword Discovery. Relevant content is not a coupon or salesy material, not a hard sell. Unique, relevant, informative content is produced for each media channel – email, google+ status, white paper distribution, press releases – in order to be highly visible wherever someone is searching. That is the “search visibility” definition: you provide value to the reader. It can be a time-consuming process to create the content and distribute it, which is why so many companies say they consider content marketing their top priority, and a work in progress.

Strategies Used by US B2B Marketers in Their Marketing ProgramsEven before we help you reach the optimization of distributed content stage, we help you optimize the representation of your company on the important sites that are highly visible in search results: LinkedIn, Google+, and others. 

Work with our team and partners to develop content for your target customers then, we will give you a set of recommendations you need to follow to optimize it. This includes looking at the content for keyword density, making sure that links are positioned in the right place, including alt tags and title tags appropriately – classic SEO tactics. These technical aspects matter because Google, Baidu, Bing, and the other search engines that matter across the globe are machines not people. Hence they follow certain algorithmic rules when judging if your content is relevant for a particular search. Then we work on the external opportunities for placing the content and optimization in those areas. 


We believe that a company should have in house staff who understand the basic goal of search visibility and have the knowledge of the building blocks of content marketing and optimization. 

Please contact us if you are interested in our education programs.

Top Priorities Monthly Retainer

The most popular of our search visibility consulting services is to hire Barbara Coll, CEO of as a consultant on a monthly retainer. Together you work on a multi-month strategy and employ tactics that will help you reach your goals. Her 15 years of experience and up to date knowledge of content and search marketing help discern the top priority projects and implementation schedule. She will provide the education for the in-house team or find the right partners for her clients to have help in implementing the recommendations.

Recently Barbara has worked with LiveOps,, Truste, Syncplicity and Panasas in this capacity.