Marketing managers, web analysts and business intelligence experts have been meeting at the eMetrics Summit since 2002 to learn how to increase the return on online investments and Barbara Coll has been there to present real world case studies and solutions for B2B web marketing programs.generic-logo

Measuring Search from the Ground Up

Master the analytics that help those responsible for search visibility (SEO). Barb covers six critical analyses you can do to find opportunities and issues related to lead generation through SEO:

1. Provide referring keywords and click-through data using Google Search Console;
2. Track keyword rankings weekly to report on trends using Moz;
3. Look at competitor’s content optimization tactics using Ispionage;
4. Tease out keyword search volume numbers via Google Adwords;
5. Gauge traffic-generation effectiveness of keyword-based content with Google Search Console;
6. Keep tabs on trends, opportunities and issues in traffic using Google Analytics.