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Is WebMaster Tools a Secret?

Recently I gave a talk at a conference, eMetrics, in Boston. I was talking to Web Analytics people who were in my session to gain insight into reporting on Organic Search traffic, trends and issues. While I did show some information from Google analytics that could be useful, I primarily talked about Google WebMaster Tools. I got this tweet that day: 

#emetrics Another year, another great presentation by @webmama TA: Webmaster tools is your friend.
(Thanks to @ToddSchauman)

I stressed that the person looking at Google Analytics should be the same person that is deep into the data of Google WebMaster Tools. No longer should WebMaster tools just be the realm of webmasters and techie SEO people, but should be elevated to the level of Analytics – a way of determining how people are finding your products and services. WebMaster tools provides the ‘not provided’ information that disappeared from Google Analytics. 

Bottom line – as Todd said – it is time to incorporate information from Google Webmaster tools: keyword queries (impressions) and clicks with associated landing pages. 

Is it still all about Link Building?

link-correlation-moz-2013Moz (thrilled to see they dropped SEO from their name this year. Way to go guys!!) has come out with its 2013 ranking correlation. Taking the top 120 minds from the search marketing world and asking what factors correlate with rankings it appears it is still all about what to link to what – oh and Google+.

So it is about thinking about linking – with content around it. If this is true then Google continues to encourage the massive world of link buying and spamming. Food for thought.

Search Traps Itself Again

Org-Goals-Final3_hot-topicsIf Content Marketing is all the rage – as it should be – does the reason always have to be lead generation? It seems that in the search world it is always about lead generation but according to MarketingProfs 2013 B2B Report on Content Marketing the number one reason companies execute content marketing programs is for brand awareness.

The following chart, from this excellent report, shows the reasons B2B companies ‘do’ brand awareness. I have put checkmarks next to the ones that are pure search visibility goals. I didn’t want to get greedy and check them all.

Search Marketing needs to stop trapping itself as a ‘visitor traffic to static website‘ program. It is as much about brand awareness (through industry keyword category search results) and thought leadership (Google+ status results) as it is about driving someone to a form on a website.

How Google Makes Money

Don’t let anybody tell you that searchers don’t click on ads. They click on ads – and they buy products. University of Phoenix is the biggest spender. The finance industry has the highest cost per click. The phone companies have the highest conversion rate. And people click 193.2 million times a day.

Where Does Google Make Its Money? [ infographic ] .